Friday, December 19, 2008


Reading the essays on this blog may be detrimental to your view of the past, present and future. The ideas presented within are, in some ways, a departure from current, mainstream LDS thought.

But, you should also know that there is nothing presented here that is contrary to the Restored Gospel and the words of our modern-day prophets. In fact, this author’s theories rely heavily upon the revealed wisdom that came to Joseph Smith in the Restoration.

However, you will discover that you’ve not heard these concepts presented in General Conference recently or by your Gospel Doctrine instructor. They will seem somewhat unfamiliar and a bit unusual. Yet, I urge you to suspend judgment initially, because they can be of inestimable value in your quest to embrace the fullness of the gospel.

Additionally, these are expansive topics that can be hard to get your mind around. It takes time and effort to absorb them and assimilate them into your worldview. They range from astronomy to prophecy, from geology to gospel doctrine, from science to religion.

But, if you will make the effort, you will be amply rewarded. Most certainly, it will augment your comprehension of the Restoration and the Prophet Joseph Smith and your testimony and conviction of the Restored Gospel. It will also give you a unified system for interpreting the symbolism of the scriptures as a whole and prophecy in particular. Lastly, but most importantly, it will provide a basis for understanding latter-day temple iconography and ritual — something hard to find anywhere in the church.

If you have an inquiring mind and a thirst for truth, I recommend this material to you.


Tim Malone said...

Hi Anthony,

I've read every one of these essays as you have posted them over the last six months. You have produced a wealth of explanations over the years. Thank you for sharing them here in this format that is an easily accessible repository.

I second your assertion that there is nothing in the essays that is contrary to the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I agree that they are outside the realm of what is heard in the Sunday School classes of the church or even over the pulpit in General Conference.

Unorthodox? Yes. Difficult to substantiate? Also true. There are few in the LDS Scholarly community who have tackled these subjects. These views of the cosmos are somewhat radical and what some might consider to be on the fringes of modern thinking. Better said, some are actually in opposition to modern science.

Nevertheless, they have proven reliable to me as I have studied them over the years. Thanks for your efforts in publishing your books and in writing these essays. For anyone wanting to know detail of the views presented on this blog, I recommend the purchase of Anthony's prophecy trilogy beginning with, "And the Moon Shall Turn to Blood."

I add my endorsement of your writings on prophecy and symbolism used by the ancient prophets and understood by so few in our day. I have been enriched by your views and have reflected upon them often in my studies of the restored gospel, especially as I ponder the signs of the last days that are now upon us. I also recommend this material as being worth the time invested to understand it.

Tim Malone
Latter-day Commentary

J.A.G. Fehr said...

Have a bit of a problem with people dismissing said theories outright?

Anyway, I only recently came into contact with your theories, and however hard it may be to wrap ones mind around from time to time, I thoroughly enjoy them so far.

Pam said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and thanks for introducing me to your blog. I can't wait to read all of your posts. I am a person who has an open mind and loves symbolism and truth in all of its forms. Thanks for thinking more than most people....

Anonymous said...

New here. Just found your web sight and ordered your books. I have a general question. I have read where others have considered Mars playing a part in Old Testiment events so I like your thinking. I had read where Joseph Smith talked of a planet returning and joinging up with earth and I was just made aware about Saturn symbol carved into the Salt Lake temple. What is the importance is this Saturn to the LDS restoration.

Unknown said...


Thanks for your interest. I believe you will find the answers to all those questions and many more by reading the archived posts on this blog.

Anonymous said...

The plasma events you are refering to are they the same a the voltage flux tube or aurora from IO's moon to jpiter in Donald W. Patten's book "The Bibical Flood And The Ice Epoch"?

Unknown said...

The plasma conduits are greatly enhanced auroral phenomena. They are similar in nature to the flux tube seen to connect Jupiter and its moon Io. Patten is one of many catastrophists who have pointed to this phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

I have read the works of Immanuel Velikovsky and Donald W. Patten, and books on many other ancient myths and cultures, but was unfamiliar with David Talbott works. I am a convert to the LDS church for some 30 plus years and was exposed to Joseph Smiths statements about planets, our planet, Kolob concept and his lack of condemnation of the catastrophism of the Old Testament; which to me he gave his approval, but not until now did any of the statements of Joseph fit. I do not know how correct your concepts are because I have only obtained a witness of Joseph Smith's works of the restoration by the First Vision, Book of Mormon and the temple work, but you have given me many renewed thoughts about what Joseph Smith may have had learned. He made a statement to the effect that if he told all that he knew his closest friends would kill him; I am sure little has changed. I have ordered your books and look forward to reading them. Thanks for your work-- this helps make scriptural history study fun.

Anonymous said...

"Not only are numerous dreams and visions by early Saints made immediately more understandable and reasonable when seen in the light of Catastrophism and the Saturn myths,..."

Where would I be able to read about these accounts?

Unknown said...

You may read about select comments from early Saints in this blog and in my books, the Prophecy Trilogy. Further research requires reading early church historical accounts and personal journals.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that our solar configuration change at the flood and we will return to this at the return of Christ or at the end of the millennium, along with matter returning to the earth shaping it into it original form?

"It is also easy to see how biblical scholars mistake some scriptural stories as accounts of real events, when they are really elaborate metaphors or narrative derived from ancient images?" What are some examples?

Anonymous said...

From your studies are your able to say that the matter that is to return to the earth is one of the planets in the our solar system? I ask this because if there is a planet or comet on trajectory to earth we would be detectable by now. If one of the planets or moons in our solar system was part of the earth at one time we may be able to find evidence of previous life?

Anonymous said...

Is Dibble facsimile or illustration or the Northern polar view from earth with the tri-polar alignment of the 5 planets as shown by David Talbott shown on the Salt Lake Temple, other than the example of the All Seeing Eye?

Dan said...

I love your blog! thanks for posting it, and your 'expansive' thoughts. They add a great deal of insight to topics that few dare to venture into. Thanks, Dan

rdarger said...

Hi Anthony, I was at your seminar on the 29th and I loved it. I have also read your first 4 books and loved them as well. You've made studying much more enjoyable to me now that I see history in such a different light. I've watched a few movies on the history channel about ancient egypt and they are more enjoyable to watch now that I understand better the meaning behind some of the symbols. It would be a lot of fun to see a full length movie or documentary of your material. When I hit the jackpot, I'll fund it for you. How's that?

Anonymous said...

Your view on the Gadianton robbers I believe is far too small to point to the Islamic extremists. Somebody from a much "higher" perspective is pulling the strings.

Anthony you must be careful in relying on the press for information, they are part of our modern day Gadianton robbers. I see them influencing your thinking.

The press outright lies, they lie about the economy, about "terrorists", and just about everything else.

I once set up an interview with a 3rd party presidential candidate with our local newspaper. The reporter told me that she could not mention his name or she would loose her job and never get another job again.

The true terrorists are among us, they occupy our banks, courts, Hollywood, the media, Wallstreet, congress and London. There is no nation on this planet that is not ruled or controlled by them.

Sorry to say they have infiltrated some our churches, and have strong influence especially among the fundamentalist types of religions.

Many years ago I baptized a repentant member of these robbers. They sought to kill him. He had to flee town. They have their secret signs that they may know each other.

Our last and only defense is the U.S. Constitution. When that is destroyed they will rule the world.

I'm aware of the prophesy that the Constitution will never be destroyed, but I'm sure all that read this know it's "hanging by a thread".

We members of the church need to repent, many of us are not heeding the prophecies or commandments.

Unknown said...

I agree - the robbers are everywhere! I do not trust the main steam press at all. They are so caught up in the "power trip" that they are no longer thinking for themselves. The Islamic terrorists do qualify, however, as Gadianton robbers, so, Anthony, I agree with you also. The Constitution is truly hanging by a thread. Anthony's talent lies not in worrying about this stuff however; but takes us to a future that we must prepare for, as best as we can. Food storage, closeness to God, paying our tithing and keeping our temple recommends current and used. Thanks again, Anthony, for your work. Hey, if any of you Florida people want to help get Anthony to come here, I live in Jacksonville and will do whatever I can to accomplish that. Let Anthony know and he can let me know - he has my e-mail. Bev from Florida

Anonymous said...

Patience, things will change and people will listen.

As our system increasingly encroaching on free agency, some humans will find 'so much of what we know just doesn’t make sense'. I believe that's why we have such an epidemic of homelessness, drug use, anti-social behavior, and so on... it's because most of use were brought up in a system that goes against our ancestral DNA.

In any form of philosophy, it’s always a good idea to prepare, never stop thinking, and keep your hands to yourself.

There is no need to predict when the Lord will come. The signs will be more real that the nose on our faces.

Anthony, keep writing and we'll keep reading. My first hand knowledge of you life long pursuit is increasingly humbling me. Such a verve and passion can only extend from free agency, and no matter what trivial things we can't agree on you are definitely exemplifying Gods main principle; knowledge. Because, without it we would not exist.

P.S. don't let that rock get away.

Medievaldigger said...

I've actually been going through all the early papers again, and each time I do, I've learned so much in the meantime, that it's never the same twice, nor are the scriptures! How simple the language of prophecy is, and how blessed we are that Heavenly Father allows us so much knowledge!

Anonymous said...

A pole shift would potentially put the North and South American Continents horizontal on the new equator and thus create an Eden where all things grow and produce continuously. When the earth returns to its' previous place as a satellite of Saturn (if that too is true), the great deep will be formed again as Saturn's gravity pulls all water to the north. It would also create an 'underworld' because the southern half of the earth would be in darkness because the Sun would not any longer be the major source of light, but Saturn, which would be on the North of the earth, would only light the northern half of the globe. It would also explain the legend of 'flying carpets' due to decreased gravitational pull and longer lives for the same reason. It would also explain why the Babylonians 'thought' they could build a tower to heaven because Saturn would be looming to the north and appear to be reachable with the construction of a tower.

Medievaldigger said...

My Son in law has fits over tidbits he hears from my youngest, who eats this stuff up, and is the only one at home with us. Periodically she'll let something slip and he said to me the other day, "I don't think Saturn is a safe gospel subject and a terrible thing to build your testimony on." It made me so sad that just like the ancient people of the world, who still can't seperate the Created as a testimony of the Creator, instead of something to worship. Ah well. Thanks for making sure we aren't the only ones! Keep it up!

Kari Julia Stout Hain said...

absolutely fascinating!

desertdeb said...

I just found you! Where do I go to begin reading? Help! Thank you in advance.