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The Human Body in an Electric Universe

“From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe.” David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill, Thunderbolts of the Gods
Plasma physics, a revolutionary new field of scientific endeavor born of the quest to harness the power of nuclear fusion, is transforming the space and planetary sciences. Not coincidentally, what plasma physics is showing us about the electrical nature of the universe has the potential to transform our lives in truly miraculous ways.

It may also revolutionize the way we treat degenerative disease and aging.

Medical practitioners and providers should pay close attention to this revolution because this emerging discipline could alter the entire field of medicine — say nothing of the upheaval it will cause in the planetary and astral sciences.

How will it change health and healing practices? Well, to answer that question we must step back to take a look at outer space, where the most plasma is found.

The early idea of an ‘ether’ filling space was replaced by the notion that space is a vacuum — nothing. Plasma physics reverses that thinking. Space is filled — tenuously, perhaps, but filled nonetheless — with ionized particles. Collectively, those ionized particles are called plasmas.

They are all around us, not just in space. Fire is plasma; its dancing, life-like flame mesmerizes. Lightning is plasma, flashing in the sky and shaking the ground with its thunder. We enjoy plasma television sets and plasma lights: those long, tube-shaped fluorescent or neon lights, which are filled with so-called ‘noble’ gasses and which become glowing plasmas when electric current is applied, illuminating our lives.

The unique thing about plasmas is that their ionized state makes them react dramatically to electrical influences, behaving at times as though they were alive, as novelty plasma balls demonstrate. Hence, the term “plasma” was borrowed from the life sciences to describe matter in this fundamental state.

Along with gases, liquids and solids, plasmas are now acknowledged as the fourth state of matter. Some say as much as 99% of all matter in the universe is in a plasma state. That’s important because plasma physicists insist that plasmas in space carry electrical current, making this an electric universe. Plasmas are so efficient at transmitting electrical current they are considered superconductors.

These electric currents in plasma are called “Birkeland currents,” after the Norwegian physicist, Kristian Birkeland, who discovered them. Like galactic power lines, these massive, paired and braided plasma conduits carry electricity throughout the galaxies. When they are strong enough, these currents “pinch” matter together to form rotating stars and galaxies, and the plasma begins to glow brightly in an arc discharge much like an electric arc welder or arc lights. So, stars are strung along these plasma power lines like lights on a Christmas tree.

The electromotive force that electric currents generate is a thousand, billion, billion, billion times more powerful than gravity. Even a small magnet overwhelms the weak force of gravity. So, these electrical currents in space not only light the sun and spin the planets, they generate prodigious magnetic fields. This is the ‘glue’ that holds star systems and galaxies together. At the same time, these electromotive forces can repel, something gravity alone cannot do. In this way, electricity maintains the ordered, well-lit universe we see through our telescopes.

All this tells us that we live in an electric universe; and we, therefore, are electric creatures.

Another stunning conclusion that we reach is that our Sun is not a thermonuclear engine, as orthodox science insists; it is, instead, an electromagnetic engine — balled lightning in space, if you will. Powered by electrical energy from the galaxy, which arrives in prodigious dark currents, the sun’s heat and light are created in an arc discharge event horizon hundreds of miles above its surface known as the corona.

More importantly for life, the sun works like a transformer on a power line, stepping down the galactic voltage to safe levels for life on nearby planets — including our Earth — which receive a charge of their own through what astronomers call the “solar wind” that energizes all life upon them.

Too long, orthodox medical science has ignored the role of electricity in life, choosing instead to see the body as a chemically based machine. But, if the proponents of the electric universe concept are right, all life is fundamentally organized and energized by electric charge.

Enter Dr. Robert O. Becker and his thesis that the body is, at its most fundamental, electrical in nature. He sees orthodox medicine’s view of the body as bankrupt, and rightly so. He affirms that the subtle electrical fields in and around the Earth exert a profound influence on our bodies, which is true. But Becker does not realize that we live in an electrically driven universe, one where all life is governed by electricity and the magnetic fields it generates. This is the key to the mysteries of life.

Our ancestors believed that nebulous, unseen forces controlled our lives — a concept that’s often scoffed at by orthodoxy. Much like the idea of an ether filling space, these unseen forces or energies were thought to everywhere govern and control all life. Many attributed those forces to the stars, which gave rise to the practice of astrology. One of these energies was thought of as an animating “life force,” that could be used or manipulated to heal disease or improve one’s quality of life and well being.

From the electric universe standpoint, those notions weren’t all that far off the mark. By their very nature, electromagnetic fields permeate everything. It turns out that magnetic fields in nature exert a profound effect upon humans in a world universally governed by electricity and charge. It is the electromagnetic environment of our Earth that invigorates and energizes our bodies at the cellular level by governing the energy output of our mitochondria, the “engines” that power our bodies. This environment also determines the efficiency of a similar process in plants, called photosynthesis.

So, as it turns out, the ancients were more right than we knew. It would seem that they understood far more than we give them credit for. Subtle but profoundly powerful electromagnetic energy governs all life in ways that have been heretofore unknown and are, as yet, poorly understood.

There are so many avenues of inquiry and investigation opened up by this novel worldview that whole books could be written about them. But, perhaps one of the most intriguing ideas — one that should capture the interest of health practitioners everywhere — comes from the work of plasma physicist Anthony Peratt of Los Alamos National Laboratories. Like several of his colleagues, he believes that in the distant past, the Earth and its inhabitants enjoyed a very different electromagnetic environment than the one we have today.

Calling it “an enhanced auroral effect,” Peratt maintains that the ancients saw and experienced plasma displays in Earth’s skies that were many orders of magnitude more pronounced than those we see today. He speaks of light and sound shows generated at the north and south poles of the Earth, just as in present-day auroras, only far more prodigious, which would have lit the sky day and night. The ancients saw in these plasma displays figures they took to be sacred images, seemingly imbued with extraordinary, mystical power and significance. They recorded these figures in their sacred illustrations and writings, providing a permanent record of what they had seen in the skies.

Peratt affirms that electrical experiments performed in the laboratory produce a consistent set of images within those plasmas that are duplicated in the sacred art of all ancient cultures. That is, the petroglyphs and art created by the ancients, which are found on temples, tombs, monuments and rocks, are direct replicas of the figures he has seen in his laboratory while doing plasma research.

More significantly still for today’s health practitioners, these superior electrical and magnetic displays also provided considerable energy for the renewing and maintenance of the human body — all life, as a matter of fact. The net effect was probably a vastly healthier environment than that which we experience today.

A survey of myth, legend and tradition from ancient cultures the world over unequivocally reports that in the very earliest epoch, life was far more comfortable and healthful. There was no night and day; there was little weather, if any. There were no extremes of cold or heat. Plants and animals proliferated in the hothouse environment created by the enhanced electromagnetic surroundings. The flora and fauna then were far heartier than they are today. Ancient records from the earliest civilizations, including the Bible, collectively report that the human lifespan was many times longer than it is now, and that there was little or no disease. In summary, the entire world was a Garden of Eden.

The cultural myths, legends and traditions of a “fountain of youth” probably hearken back to that early epoch when mankind was sustained by energies that have largely dissipated in our day and age, leaving us with only a dim, mythical recollection of what was once a life-giving element of everyday life.

All this suggests that Becker was on the right path, but his conclusions lacked the information this wider view offers. Perceiving the electrical nature of the human body in a wholly electric universe opens up grand, new possibilities Becker never considered. Rather than looking to the present electromagnetic environment, which is probably nearly sterile when compared to the greatly enhanced electromagnetic environment our ancestors reported, researchers should focus on how enhanced auroral activity around the Earth would have provided a much more salubrious environment.

This is where plasma physics and the medical arts converge. Replicating the forces in play in mankind’s earliest history would revolutionize the present medical arts … and every other human endeavor. Understanding the subtle nature of electricity as a control mechanism for healing and health maintenance in the body, as outlined by Becker, and the ancient electrical and magnetic nature of our world, a whole new chapter can now be written in the book of life.

© Anthony E. Larson, November, 2006


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. I've just finished reading the Prophecy Trilogy and The Plainest book.

I'm looking for the Book of Mormon book too.

Your posts are excellent and enlightening.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

I learned about magnetism and electricity when I was just a young girl and when I read that the 'ether' was a 'vacuum' my heart said, 'No!, not true' That was the start and to see you working with this electrical 'stuff' is so great!! I am sure we can learn a lot from this. I intend to 'google' Anthony Peratt so see more. Thanks, Tony! We really appreciate all that you do to teach us truch!

Unknown said...

After reading all the blogs here I began doing some other research and study of my own into the scriptural accounts, Church history, various Scientific authors and topics that overlap in surprising ways (like alchemy and qi-gong). I recently finished a book on called The Body Electric- Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life. This book confirms much of what you have written from Peratt's work regarding the body. A small caveat was that Becker and Selden found that bone is composed of two primary elements calcium and apatite (with tiny copper pinnings) that join in such a way as to form an electrical PN junction. As an Integrated Circuit Designer and a Mormon I was fascinated by this information. Bones can emit light if a particular current is applied through them! This immediately brought to mind the experience of Moses coming down from the mountain and shining, also Joseph Smith shining while receiving certain revelations so that observers saw his skin as transparent and light shine from within him! Thinking of Nephi stretching forth his hand and "shaking" his brothers with the spirit that he was full of "to the consuming of his flesh" after talking with God is another example. To me all this drives home the message that God is light/energy/power and that it is transferable to us. Makes the priesthood oath and covenant about having our bodies renewed and restored more particular than vague and links to certain items only learned in the Holy Temple as well. Very interesting.

Paul said...

If we had the time to figure it out, it would be great to step into a Fountain of Youth chamber, have the engineer set the parameters of the electromagnetic field generator, press the start button, and watch as the client is engulfed in the healing powers of the electric field. After an appropriate amount of time, the client steps out of the chamber a new person. They are visibly younger, healthier, and healed of all diseases and bodily malfunctions. All things are as new.

We could probably charge a ton of money for each session. But, because we're so kind, we would keep the rates affordable.



Barry said...

Anthony, I was wondering if you could elaborate on the idea that the energy output of mitochondria are governed by the electromagnetism of our environment. Are you implying that the electron transport chain is influenced by outside forces? Just curious.

Unknown said...


Thoughtful comment, and very perceptive. The P/N junction, my son the semi-conductor implant technician tells me, is a diode. We all know that diodes can be light emitting (LEDs). Further, he tells me that it only requires small amounts of current to cause them to fluoresce. That would be an interesting experiment to conduct.


I'm not well enough versed in biology to be able to answer your question. I don't know precisely what the mechanism might be. If someone did, it would revolutionize medicine in general and gerontology specifically. But, it seems logical to me that the mitochondria would be the best candidate for enhanced biological function since it is the locus of energy production with the cell. That said, I must also consider that other electro/chemical processes within the body would play a role as well.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I didn't read this post. I just skimmed it.

I'll throw this one your way, as you seem to have interest in it:

Nano-sized Voltmeter Measures Electric Fields Deep Within Cells

kh said...

Just another perspective - Revelation from God through the Holy Ghost. When the scriptures speak of "further light and knowledge" perhaps electricity is invloved in this process. The light portion could in essence be an electric signal sent from the Holy Ghost through the Light of Christ to our intelligence (what we were before we had added to it a spirit body) thus enlightening us with a confirmation of truth (knowledge past, present or future.) This in turn would cause our hearts to burn within us and our spirit to become filled with light. The Holy Ghost then would serve as a conduit of eternal truth sent as an electric impulse from God through the Holy Ghost through the Light of Christ to our intelligence. So our bodies are electric and so are the processes used in revelation. Truly an electric universe. Just a thought.

Gordon said...

Back in the 1920's Rife built a machine that used electrical frequencies. He used it to heal many of the health problems using different frequencies for differenct problems. Of course he was too successsful and much of his work including the machines were destroyed by those with vested interests.

MarkinPNW said...

Reading this I thought of the Rife machines mentioned by Gordon. I have heard that the internet has lots of resources for do-it-yourself Rife machines, but I haven't investigated them.

Nathaniel said...

So This is all very interesting to me - I'm LDS and I've recently been studying and practicing Polarity Therapy (in Mesa, AZ at the SouthWest Institute of Healing Arts).

People often use the term "Energy Work" to describe Polarity Therapy, which it is, but it's difficult to convey exactly what that means to people without actually experiencing it at least a few times. And "Energy Work" means different things to different people.

I can say that it's definitely opened my eyes a lot. Cosmology, "Life-Force Energy". Things I've always thought were 'just woo-woo', until I started to see miracles happen with them. Watching people heal from chronic maladies, open their eyes of understanding, and release trauma from their body and become more entrained with their Spirit.... It's great work for those who are open to it.