Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What Does Cosmology Have To Do With My Salvation?

When addressing Latter-day Saints, I often observe that cosmology — the study of planets and stars, suns and moons — and its attendant mythology was not just an affectation of Old Testament peoples. It was also an important, integral part of the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and embraced by the primitive church or early Christian religion. In his essay “Unrolling the Scrolls – Some Forgotten Witnesses,” Nibley, the preeminent LDS scholar for all things ancient wrote that “cosmism” was a “hallmark of early Christianity.” We know this because references to cosmological or astral elements — what Nibley calls cosmism — are found everywhere in early Christian and Jewish writings.

So, too, cosmology held an elevated status in the doctrine of the modern or restored church, though today’s Latter-day Saints are reluctant to acknowledge that fact, if they are aware of it at all. But there is no denying it. It’s everywhere in the hallmark elements of the modern church: in the Pearl of Great Price, in the Doctrine and Covenants, in the Book of Mormon as well as in our temple symbolism and ritual.

Because cosmological elements were part of Old Testament tradition as well as New Testament teachings and were fully reinstated by Joseph Smith in the Restoration, I also assert that knowledge of the ancient heavens, or cosmology, is vital to our salvation and exaltation.

I am not alone in this claim. In that same essay, Nibley also wrote that “somehow or other the physical cosmos is involved in the plan of salvation.”

Invariably, that claim leaves most Saints cold. Their rejoinder: “Now you’ve really gone over the top. What bearing can ancient cosmology and its handmaiden, mythology, possibly have on my salvation or exaltation?”

The history of planets, stars, moons, suns and their role in prophetic tradition are seldom considered useful in one’s attempt to understand the restored gospel sufficiently to obtain salvation and exaltation. Ask any Latter-day Saint what a study of the heavens has to do with being a proper church member or achieving perfection and he or she will likely say, “Nothing.”

But that answer could not be more wrong. In fact, the cosmology of the ancients has everything to do with our religion.

To that, you might say, “I don’t recall any discussion of planets, stars, moons or suns in any lesson I’ve ever heard on the plan of salvation. Why would Nibley make such a statement?”

To better understand, let’s read more of what he had to say on this subject.

As Christianity has been deeschatologized and demythologized in our own day, so in the fourth century it was thoroughly dematerialized, and ever since then anything smacking of “cosmism,” that is, tending to associate religion with the physical universe in any way, has been instantly condemned by Christian and Jewish clergy alike as paganism and blasphemy. Joseph Smith was taken to task for the crude literalism of his religion—not only talking with angels like regular people, but giving God the aspect attributed to him by the primitive prophets of Israel, and, strangest of all, unhesitatingly bringing other worlds and universes into the picture. Well, some of the early Christian and Jewish writers did the same thing; this weakness in them has been explained away as a Gnostic aberration, and yet today there is a marked tendency in all the churches to support the usual bloodless abstractions and stereotyped moral sermons with a touch of apocalyptic realism, which indeed now supplies the main appeal of some of the most sensationally successful evangelists. (Nibley, “Treasures in the Heavens,” p. 171.)

Just as Christian and Jewish clergy have distanced themselves from the cosmism, eschatology and mythology of the primitive church, modern Mormons have distanced themselves and their perception of their religion from those same elements reinstated in the modern church by Joseph Smith in the Restoration. In other words, we’ve repeated the same mistakes.

Because we don’t want to be condemned as pagans and our church as a cult, we emphasize our “Christianity” by distancing ourselves from cosmological elements, just as our Christian cousins have done. As a result, our discourse is little different from theirs. What Nibley says of other churches, I attribute to us as well: “…today there is a marked tendency in all the churches to support the usual bloodless abstractions and stereotyped moral sermons with a touch of apocalyptic realism …”

The marvel is that even though we don’t recognize those cosmological, eschatological and mythological components in our religion, they have been perfectly preserved in our revelations and our temples. The wonder is that we are nearly blind to them, making us ignorant of their utility in deciphering the teachings of the prophets and the message in our temples.

It is the very pervasiveness and utilitarian value of these cosmological components that compels me to make this admittedly radical claim, which I repeat: When trying to comprehend and apply the principles and teachings of the Restored Gospel, a thoroughgoing knowledge of ancient cosmology and its bearing upon Christ’s gospel and the message of the prophets is indispensable.

Clearly, the Lord thought it important enough to include cosmology in every aspect of the religion he restored through Joseph Smith. Without that understanding we cannot fully grasp the message of the Savior and the prophets, the essentials of salvation and exaltation. That’s why it was treasured and carefully preserved by Old Testament prophets, New Testament apostles and the first elder of this dispensation, Joseph Smith.

So, if you have to ask what all this ancient cosmology has to do with your salvation, as the title of this essay does, then you really haven’t internalized or fully understood the implications of this all important study. The value is apparent on the face of it. Our ignorance of these truths makes us vulnerable to misunderstanding and deception. Without it, we can easily misconstrue the message of the prophets; we can easily fall victims to the fraud that has engulfed the rest of Christianity.

With correct knowledge comes power, something Joseph emphasized time and again. Without the revelatory information and comprehension that come with the knowledge of ancient cosmology, we put our salvation and exaltation at risk.

© Anthony E. Larson, 2009


Steven Montgomery said...

While I have my problems with certain Velikovsky-like or Castastrophic elements of your worldview, I certainly agree with both you and Hugh Nibley regarding the importance of studying and understanding cosmology. The "Heavens" are intimately connected with LDS theology and Salvation. After all "all things denote there is a God," "the heavens declare the Glory of God" and indeed "all things are created and made to bear record of [Christ]," including the "things which are in the Heavens above."

Anonymous said...

Very fascinating! I know that there is opposition in all things, but knew there were some truth to cosmology. I heard of this guy that has been given the gift of cosmology and he can help you better understand yourself and the gifts, strengths and weaknesses you were given depending on your birthdate and year. He is very good with cosmology. He doesn't do it for money and he doesn't fortune tell either. I don't find anything wrong with that. Thanks for bringing this aspect to light!

Paul said...

Tony, thanks for yet another great article on cosmology. There is so much I would like to say in support, but the first two posts made me ill. Gack!

But I will say, for the guests, that you cannot understand scriptural and mythological symbolism without understanding cosmology, the electric universe, and some plasma physics to boot. Virtually everything in the scriptures is riddled with Polar Configuration symbolism. Thus, if you don't understand the symbolism, you cannot understand the scriptures. You can read the books, but the vast majority of what you read will remain a mystery and/or you will misinterpret what you read. And this is the case with the LDS church, and especially with all other churches. They don't have the keys to unlock these mystereies. Joseph Smith tried to teach the keys, but we know where that ended up.

Many are called, but few are chosen! Gack!


P.S. I performed an astrological analysis of my age and birthday, and it came back and told me that I was the original Adam. So I checked my ribs and found that they were all there. Gack! Astrology lied to me. LOL!

Unknown said...

I don't want to seem rude to Anonymous but that is exactly the wrong thing to take from the article being discussed. Remember that Aaron made a calf for ancient Israel to worship. Even though he may have had tremendous provocation to do so because what he made was a likeness of what was perhaps witnessed in the skies above him. He, and all of Israel were nevertheless rebuked for Idolatry by Moses and by God. Astrology is still a messy counterfeit for understanding God's will for us.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has read an archived article that appeared in Meridian Magazine under their science/religion section, you would have read a marvelous work that points out how each and every constellation points to Chirst. If Heavenly Father actually set stars in specific patterns for the ancients to read them, and they pointed to Christ, the of course cosmology is relevant and has great meaning to Heavenly Father. Heavenly Father uses everything in the universe to help us see how to come back to Him. I am not saying that astrology (as in reading your life) is correct and/or acceptable. I think having your star chart done might fall under visiting a psychic, which we are told quite plainly in the old testament is against God's plan. I'm not saying that when you were born does not have anything to do with your "path", just that I do no trust those of today who claim to know those meanings.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the correction! Your right everything should focus on Christ! Just don't beat me down like Paul and "gack" at me. Not very nice. I am learning just as you are still learning and lets not forget that. I appreciate most everyones comments and like learning from them. I like seeing others point of views and quite enjoy this blog. Oh, and trust me I don't ever count on someone else for my salvation other than my Heavenly Father, Jesus and from what the prophet counsels me to do. I just enjoy learning new stuff, I know that sometimes comes with a caution. I feel as though I have been severely judged off a little comment. "Gack!"

Paul said...

Dear Anonymous, if you have been severely judged, it is by your own conscience. I am sure you are sorry about writing that first post. After all, it is all about Astrology, not Cosmology. Astrology is about as valid as Fortune Cookies. When I get a Fortune Cookie that calls me by name, then I will know that George Burns is waiting for me in the lobby. Oh, that was a movie. Never mind!

Now for the important stuff; I imagine that you are at the beginning of your study of Anthony Larson's research. I can tell by the things you write about. At any rate, if you will move forward and read all his books, newsletters, and other materials, including going to one or more of his seminars, then you will go through a series of Paradigm Shifts that will completely alter what you think and believe. Seriously, you cannot yet imagine what it is like to make a giant leap in your understanding of the Gospel, scriptural symbolism, and how things really work in the plasma filled Electric Universe.

I would love to impart some of the things that I have learned, to give you a glimpse into that vast world you are about to enter, but it cannot be done. All of us must learn line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little, and there a little, until we are ready for the greater things. This is how it works for everybody. There are no exceptions. Anthony Larson has followed this same program for a few decades. As a result, his knowledge and understanding of these things are almost off the chart. And all he wants to do is teach the LDS people what he has learned. How great is that?!

It is time to leave the Sunday school lessons behind and reach for the stars. Armed with his keys of Understanding, the mysteries will be plain as day. Even the Book of Revelation, as Joseph Smith stated, will be seen as the plainest book ever written. Would you like to understand what really happened during the Exodus? Would you like to know what the real purpose of the Ark of the Covenant was and how it was used? Would you like to know what really happened at the Tower of Babel? Would you like to know what really happened in the book of Genesis and why people during that time frame lived so long? Would you like to know where the Garden of Eden was located? All this and much more are waiting for your arrival. Come and get it!


Paul said...

Dear LDS Readers, I would like to remind you of some things that you may be completely unaware of. Let me begin by asking if any of you know what the "desolation of abomination" is? It can be found in the Bible and in the D&C, but it is in the D&C that we get the most powerful warnings from the Lord Himself.

Unless you have studied the works of Anthony Larson, it is likely that you have no idea what the desolation of abomination is. And it is only after studying his research and learning a bit about the Electric Universe that you begin to understand just what this desolation of abomination really is.

To get an idea of what this is, but on a much smaller scale, please read 3rd Nephi for the terrible destructions that occurred after the Lord's death and before he appeared to the Nephites. If this doesn't wake you up, then you must be in a coma.

I want to present some scriptures for you to review, but I also want you to search the scriptures on the LDS website for the term "desolation," and be sure to review the associated scriptures too. This will show you that the Lord is going out of His way to tell us how terrible the desolation of abomination is and how we can potentially avoid it or at least be aware of its coming.

Anyway, read the following scriptures:

D&C 88: 85
That their souls may escape the wrath of God, the desolation of abomination which awaits the wicked, both in this world and in the world to come. Verily, I say unto you, let those who are not the first elders continue in the vineyard until the mouth of the Lord shall call them, for their time is not yet come; their garments are not clean from the blood of this generation.

D&C 84: 117
And verily I say unto you, the rest of my servants, go ye forth as your circumstances shall permit, in your several callings, unto the great and notable cities and villages, reproving the world in righteousness of all their unrighteous and ungodly deeds, setting forth clearly and understandingly the desolation of abomination in the last days.

D&C 112: 24, 25, 26
24 Behold, vengeance cometh speedily upon the inhabitants of the earth, a day of wrath, a day of burning, a day of desolation, of weeping, of mourning, and of lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall come upon all the face of the earth, saith the Lord.

25 And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord;

26 First among those among you, saith the Lord, who have professed to know my name and have not known me, and have blasphemed against me in the midst of my house, saith the Lord.

Among other facts, we learn two very important things. First, we learn that it is the duty of the priesthood to warn the world about the coming desolation of abomination. But the LDS priesthood leaders are not doing so because they have no idea what this is. Second, we learn that this awful event, the desolation of abomination, will begin in the Lord's house and will spread out from there. And the Lord tells us why!

Now, let me ask the question again. Do any of you understand what the desolation of abomination is and the terrifying effects it will have on the entire earth?

Remember, the scriptural details involving the second coming of Christ are all symbolic. You cannot interpret those scriptures literally. Joseph Smith gave us a clue as to what will be the cause of these catastrophic worldwide events. He said the people would look up and see a comet or a planet approaching the earth.

A planet or a comet??? Have I got your attention? Do you want to know more? You should, because your salvation depends on moving past the elementary Sunday school lessons you grew up with.

The truth is just waiting for you. Please come and get it while there is still time. Anthony Larson has done all the work for you. All you have to do is read and study what he has discovered.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this beautiful post, surely this is one aspect that is fundamental to the Lord's grand design and second coming as mentioned in Twelve Kingdoms or Planets.

JeFree said...

Enlightenment (Section 88, 93, and others) explain how to overcome the degradation of the human body and refine it through obedience to the laws that govern human DNA and it's relationship to the light. Has anybody ever heard the word's, "Receive the Holy Ghost?" All we are here to do is to increase our ability to receive more and more and more light. This process literally AMPS up our spiritual nerveous system so we can stand in the presence of God. Obedience and the righteous use of our bodies (righteousness) accomplishes this for us.

When the time comes for us to be resurrected, we'll acquire the same matter that will clothe our spirits (which will vibrate) accordingly as we chose to imprint the light upon our beings throughout our mortal lives. God didn't give us commandments to restrain us... he gives laws which govern the refinement of the body so we may become refined and purified for future resurrection.

We're so illogical to think God's words, laws and commandments restrict us, when they are truly the opportunity for more power to flow through us, so we may become as he and his body is. God is able to travel faster than the speed of light, to speak and material substance obeys his voice. God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. The light, splendor or GLORY of GOD prevails in and through all things throughout the entirety of the physical universe. Our disciplines learned in this life are good education (Godly education) to prepare us for the next phase of life onward and upward.

YES the study of the cosmology is a good study... IF YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE LOOKING FOR!?!

Would love to share more. Tony, it's your old friend Jeff Herrera and I'd love to be in touch with you better than we have been over the last 20 years. Didn't know we have a mutual friend in Doug Mendenhall. Much love to you and your family.

JeFree Herrera

JeFree said...

From what I think I know... I've studied cosmology together with Kaballah for quite some time and might have a few things to say of interest.

The Cosmos is kind of a macrocosmic view of how The Creator organizes, establishes, and manages all material matter on a grand and glorious scale. On this level, He creates or organizes material matter into bodies (suns, stars, moons, planets, systems, galaxies, you name it) and causes them to flow in a specific order allowing them have have relations with one another. The pattern can be learned also by studying the human body, the human mind, human relationships as the microcosmic view. "As above... so below" and vice versa. I might add that study of the human being gives an understanding of the principles of organization, motion, magnetic attraction, balance, economys, exchange, male and female harmony, and many others.

The laws that govern the very principles of creation (whether you are a composer [vibrations... acoustics] or an mechanical engineer) are the same. Principles of balance and harmony, material resonant harmonics and the like are all brought to play in the creation of a bridge or a symphony. Since sound vibrations are thought to hold matter (atoms and molecules) together, it would stand to reason that accoustics (the sience of sound) might be worthy of study by all engineers that build big stuctures anywhere in the world.

Understanding oneself is to understand the universe and vice versa. My beating heart is a pattern of the male-female, exchange principles that are found in black holes and worm holes. Vacuums, voids, and other space phenomenon are alive and well, at play within our human lives as well.

The abilities of the human mind body connection are as much of a mystery today as the concepts of matter and anti-matter. Once we have enjoyed the gifts of the spirit long enough, we begin to understand; the laws governing the spirit are different than the laws that govern the more dense material matter. YET as we learn more from the phenomenon pertaining to our own beings, upon death, we will know the universe as well. The human experience is, in a way, all that is needed for any human being to know and understand the physical universe and all the applicable laws. A pigmy may understand the beating heart as well as the most seasoned heart surgeon by just simply being in a body with a beating heart.

Paul said...


I read the article on the 12 Kingdoms or Planets, posted by Greg. Rather than critique the article, I would encourage everyone to study the works of David Talbott, Wall Thornhill, etc. to understand the true nature of the Electric Universe, Plasma Physics, and how things really work in that vastness we call space. And also, the works of Anthony Larson to understand how this true Cosmology is applied to mythology and Gospel/Scriptural symbolism.

Folks, I know this may be a little hard to believe, but this knowledge represents the keys to unlocking the great mysteries of the scriptures, mythology, and how the Universe works. It is my humble testimony to those of you who are new to this information that everything you think you know is about to change.

I know this for a fact, because at one time, many years ago, I thought I had a solid command of Gospel Doctrine and Prophecy. And after praying and searching for greater knowledge, I was one day led to the books of Anthony Larson. I was totally blown away by his research. I quickly learned that I knew almost nothing about Gospel Doctrine and Prophecy. Today, with regards to my progression, I can see the end from the beginning. Everything I though I knew has changed. What I know today is as different as night and day, when compared to what I once believed.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Knowledge is light, and those who have this light have an obligation to share it with those who will listen. This is what Anthony Larson has been diligently doing for decades. As a simple student of Anthony Larson, I am testifying of the truth to help bring those who will listen to a place where they can receive the light.

If you aren't afraid to let go of your incorrect beliefs, if you aren't afraid to open your minds to facts that very well may shake you to the very center, if you aren't afraid to learn great and wonderful truths that will dramatically increase your understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then study the books, articles, and other research of Anthony Larson, as well as attending his seminars whenever possible. What you will learn will change you forever.


Paul said...


I read the two posts provided by JeFree and I am truly amazed at the content. Let me just say that there is no such thing as a Black Hole. Gack! Conventional Science knows as much about Cosmology as they do about Quantum Physics. And that’s not much. It is easier for Astronomers to see things in space than to see things at the subatomic level, but in both cases they are left to their terribly flawed interpretation of what they see. If you want to watch a bunch of Quantum Physicists throw their hands up and admit they don’t have a clue as to how things work at the quantum level, rent the documentary video, “What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Hole.”

The reason modern conventional science has to keep modifying their “theories” is because they all rely on a foundation of incorrect data. Whereas conventional Science keeps guessing and rebuilding their broken theories, the new Electric Universe field of science is erupting with answers or solutions that can be proven in the lab. In the King Follet discourse, Joseph Smith said that if you start out right, then it is easy to continue down the right path. But if you start out wrong, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get on the right path. This is the problem with modern science. They started out with flawed theories, and instead of correcting their flawed foundation, they choose to modify their incorrect theories anyway necessary in order to make them work. And this is, of course, why they don’t work.

For those of you who are interested in learning some things that may astonish you, read the complete unedited version of the “King Follet Discourse.” Read it slowly and read it a dozen times, if you have to. Joseph Smith reveals some great things during his speech and you will see them if you look closely.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is how to determine if something is true or false. How do you know if what you read is accurate or is filled with untruth? Well, there is a way for you to make this call. In the book of Mormon, read Alma 32:27-43, but I would recommend reading the entire chapter 32. At any rate, Alma describes how you can determine the truthfulness of something. Alma’s method really does work and is how I determined that Anthony Larson’s research was true and accurate. After reading the two posts from JeFree, I wanted to at least give you an idea how to determine for yourself what is and is NOT correct. Good luck!


Paul said...


As I sat in church Sunday, I heard the same old tired subjects being discussed, the standard debates over various scriptures, and those awful worn out songs. It was quite uneventful to say the least. But during Sacrament meeting the congregation sang, "I am a child of God," and a feeling of dread overcame me and I dropped my head in sorrow.

These poor LDS members are trapped in a world of children's fairy tale stories, Sunday school songs, and trusting in the arm of flesh (church leaders) to tell them what to do.

Ironically, the song asks the Lord to teach them what they must do to live with Him once more and to help them understand his word or will. Yet, the LDS close their minds to anything beyond their simple paradigm and transfer responsibility for their own salvation to the leaders of the church. Thus, they put their trust in the arm of flesh, which the Book of Mormon strongly warms against.

In the end, LDS members are held in bondage, just like all other churches, by the awful chains of ignorance. It is not sin, necessarily, that brings them down, but their unwillingness to progress in knowledge. And so they sit in church and sing childrens songs. Gack!


sxark said...

I am resting, from doing battle with "those that have ears and do not hear and have eyes but do not see"

Coming to this site is like coming across a spring of sparkely cool water, after days in the desert with heretics, atheists, pantheists, and whatever.

Every site has a percentage of doubters and sign seekers etc. But I am not one of them.

I feel that, what has now been discovered by science concerning cosmology, [The Drake equation and Fermi paradox etc.] it now requires little or no faith to conclude that God exists.

Now that mankind is closer to finding God by the scientific method of observation, what does this mean in regards to our use of "faith"?

Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Abraham, Moses, and others needed to use faith to believe in things, that we [today] have proof of.

This "new proof" now provides a stronger thread of logic for the existence of God, our creator, - for those whos faith is waivering or lost their faith altogether.

Perhaps these concepts have already been discussed here.

Paul said...


If there was any proof that God exists, I would have already sold it on Ebay, and I would be living a life of luxury on Anthony's Ponderosa. And even if there was proof, which God would it prove the existence of? Personally, I worship the Hickery flavored BBQ god.

Seriously, there will never be any proof that God exists until the veil is removed and our memories restored. Then we will see him, and most of us will immediately begin looking for a place to hide, to cover our shame.


sxark said...


You should have picked up on the thread of logic, had you looked up the Drake equation and the Fermi Paradox.

Try Wiki and also look up the "Deap field" photo from Hubble.

If you believe in evolution, the thread of logic is easier to follow, but it really doesn't matter.

The key, is the number of older stars we are now aware of. What we know of the Milky way produced the Drake equation and the Fermi paradox. - and beyond the Milky way, the amount is more than staggering.

It now takes little or no faith to surmise that an advanced civilization exists somewhere in the universe.

You only need to believe in one. If you want to add more - like one being more advanced than the one before it etc. - then there is room for that too.

The key word is "advanced". If an advanced civ. is 1 million yrs. ahead of us, - that would still be conservative in astronomical terms.

There is absolutly no way that we could determine all of the attributes of the advanced civ. without assistance from reps. of that advanced civ.

Well, there are those that say that this type of contact has been made to us on earth.

They say that the leaders of this advanced civ. have given us a great many details, concerning their attributes,- such as faith, the atonement etc.

And, it is said by others, that the leaders of the advanced civ. may have feelings of displeasure, if these "gifts" are squandered by those that have received them.

It has been written by the ancients, that the leader of the advanced civ. is aware when a sparrow falls dead to the ground.

This is love and power beyond our comprehension.

Paul said...


You should not rely too heavily on conventional science to guide you on your quest for greater knowledge or enlightenment. They are the one's who invented black holes, big bangs, and dark matter because they don't understand how the cosmos works. A teacher who does not understand the subject can only lead you in a wrong direction.

Study the Electric Universe, then study Anthony Larson's research to understand how the EU cosmos applies to gospel symbolism, and then revisit LDS doctrine and extrapolate from there. The truth is even more facinating than the scientific fiction you've been relying on. Do this, and I promise you that everything you think you know will change.


Anonymous said...

I live quite a ways from Nevada but find the things I have read stimulating. I have trouble in applying the things I read. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere. It is probably my lack of a more complete understanding. I have signed up for Anthony's Newsletter but it all seems so disjointed at the moment. I am still trying to pull it all together and understand how to apply it in my life. I hope I can bring it all together somehow.

Anonymous said...

I am from Florida, and I agree with Paul in that when I sit in Church, I am sooo bored because they are discussing the same old stuff I have listened to since I joined the church in 1969. I am ready for some further light and knowledge, but it seems that until a majority of the chruch members become ready, then we will have to search this out on our own. I actually dread going to church, BUT, I know it is a commandment, so I go and try to concentrate on the Savior and His sacrifice. I go and try to see if there is something I possibly might have missed that I should be getting from the lesson. I go to be fed by the spirit which is there. I go because that is where Heanvely Father says I should be. And then, on my own time, I search and find wonderful ideas and writers, like Anthony. I have read some other writers that I, with my life history and core beliefs, cannot agree with, but Anthony is like a breath of fresh air. Still have lots of questions, but am certainly enjoying the journey.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you read Anthon's trilogy? If you have, can you help me understand the part where he says that Yaweh (spelling?) was just the sound made by the passing planet, a vibrational sound. If that is so, then the sacred name wasn't really a sacred name, it was just a sound?

gary d. goodwin said...

hanxs Tony. I've always enjoyed your work and I am in great agreement with your ideas. To the post by "Paul", I am also a big supporter of Wal Thornhill and the Electric Universe. Google him, you'll love his site. I strongly agree that the modern church both Mormon and not have strayed away from these invaluable Truths. In fact I have been very concerned about the lack of emphasis on personal revelation. I personally believe that people will reel when they finally understand the importance of cosmology to our salvation. God is a being of flesh and bones and he does dwell in the Heavens above. Isn't this really "cosmology" in its true form?

Paul said...


Yes indeed, the old testiment name of God, "Yaweh," (I can't spell either) was nothing more than the sound (vibration) made between the planets as they moved through space. Tony can give a much better description of this event.

In ancient times, the planets were right above us. They were in what is called a polar configuration. Hence, the planets were aligned along a common axis. During this time period, these planets were considered to be Gods by ancient man. So when a planet above us made the Yaweh sound, man naturally assumed it was the name of that God.

It's too bad they don't teach this stuff in Sunday school. We'd all be so much further along in our individual progression than what we are. But hey, I'm just happy that we have Anthony Larson to pave the way for us.


Paul said...

<< I have read some other writers that I, with my life history and core beliefs, cannot agree with, but Anthony is like a breath of fresh air. Still have lots of questions, but am certainly enjoying the journey. >> -- Anonymous

This is so very true. When I was on my mission (Utah 1978), I was well versed in gospel doctrine and prophecy, and had numerous deep doctrinal discussions with several general authorities in Salt Lake City. For the most part, I knew what they did and I thirsted for more.

After my mission, I spent a lot of time searching the LDS book store for more knowlege than what I then had. But no matter what book I picked up, it was just more of the same old watered-down stuff I already knew or could get in Sunday school.

But one day I was led, as it seemed, to Anthony Larson's trilogy. I was totally blown away by the fantastic information I found between those pages. After praying about it and putting it to Alma's test of faith (Alma 32) for validation, I knew I had hit the mother load. I had found the holy grail of the gospel.

With these keys, I was able to see the scriptures with new eyes, and the mysteries of the gospel crumbled before me. I realized that I, in fact, knew very little about the true Gospel. It was all an illusion creataed by incorrectly interpreting the scriptures by applying a literal bend to the translation and knowing nothing about prophetic language and symbolism.

Thanks to Anthony Larson, the Iron Rod is so much more clearly visible and far more easy to hold onto. Whatever rebuke I may get from those well-dressed self-righteous people in that great and spacious building in the sky, I just smile and keep moving forward.


Paul said...


You hit the nail right on the head. For those who are lucky enough to discover this great truth, they will reel to and fro with shock and horror when (if) they learn how great a role the cosmos plays in our salvation. Acquring this knowledge is almost as great as being visited by the Angel Nephi.


Anonymous said...

Okay, if the sacred name is just a sound that was caused by the "turmoil", I do not understand how this has anything to do with my salvation. Knowing that the earth will be hit by a planet or comet might help me be safe at the end of the world because I know what is going to happen, but my salvation? Please explain.

Unknown said...

Anonymous -- I've said this in so many ways on my blog, but perhaps it bears repeating. I hope you're earnest in your request. If this is just a chance to snipe at me, please don't bother. It's a waste of your time, and I'm tired of hearing it. On the other hand, if you're sincere, here's the short answer. The rest can be obtained by reading my monographs. Please, please do some thorough reading.

If you don't understand the cosmological underpinnings or origins of prophetic statements or your temple ordinances, you stand a very good chance of misreading the message. Misread a message vital to your salvation or exaltation and then act on that misreading, you're in trouble. If you've read my blog thoroughly, you know that we overlook so much of the message if we don't understand the cosmological references. They are integral, as this monograph affirms, to the gospel, whether taught by the Hebrew prophets, Jesus Christ or Joseph Smith. What good does it do us to have prophets who receive revelation if we do not understand their imagery? In fact, I maintain that what we are not taught to see by our culture and our education is virtually invisible to us, even when it's as plain as the nose on our face. And there's tons of imagery everywhere: in seemingly "ordinary" scriptures, in prophecy, in Joseph Smith's teachings and in our temples. So much so, that it comprises the larger part of the gospel, and we don't even realize it. Of course, the symbolism in the endowment and temple iconography is almost a total mystery to us.

Most Saints take this imagery to be simply colorful prose. But it is not so. It is information-laden communication. By treating it as inconsequential, we bypass gems meant to keep us on track in our quest for salvation and exaltation. Joseph Smith said that no man can be saved in ignorance. That includes ignorance of the cosmological in his gospel.

So, without a passing acquaintance of ancient cosmology--a knowledge of the stars--where all this traditional imagery comes from, we miss vital elements meant for our salvation and exaltation. We misunderstand Abraham, Moses, Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, John the Regulator, Joseph Smith and--most importantly--the Savior himself. What could be more meaningful? When we ignore this element in the gospel, we take to be literal what was meant to be figurative; also, we take to be figurative what was meant to be literal. Thus, we ignorantly and blithely go about savaging the message from God, sent through his prophets and preserved in our scriptures and our temples.

If that doesn't answer it for you, maybe someone else can put it clearer. It's as plain as I can make it.

Paul said...

<< Okay, if the sacred name is just a sound that was caused by the "turmoil", I do not understand how this has anything to do with my salvation. >> -- Anonymous

Let me add a few humble words to the clear description Anthony Larson provided:

It's not the sound or name that has anything to do with your salvation, but the numerous points of the Gospel that are intimately associated with this plasma based new cosmology. Without sufficient knowledge of these things, you cannot be saved.

“Knowledge saves a man; and in the world of spirits no man can be exalted but by knowledge.” – Joseph Smith (HC 6:314)

“It is not wisdom that we should have all knowledge at once presented before us; but that we should have a little at a time; then we can comprehend it…
Add to your faith knowledge, &c. The principle of knowledge is the principle of salvation. This principle can be comprehended by the faithful and diligent; and every one that does not obtain knowledge sufficient to be saved will be condemned. The principle of salvation is given us through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is nothing more or less than to triumph over all our enemies and put them under our feet. And when we have power to put all enemies under our feet in this world, and a knowledge to triumph over all evil spirits in the world to come, then we are saved... – Joseph Smith (HC 5:387)

The purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to teach the faithful and dilligent the keys necessary to unlock the doors to exaltation or continued progression in the worlds to come. If we don't have the proper keys (knowledge) when the moment of truth comes, then we will end up going through doors that will take us to other places or in other directions. That is why the Lord tells us that knowledge is salvation; they are the same thing.

So, you must learn about this new plasma based cosmology and how it applies to ancient mythology and scriptural symbolism, so you can understand the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Once you have these keys (knolwedge), then you will be ready and able to make the right choices that will lead you to your exaltation in the worlds to come.


Paul said...

A Mission Oddity

Quorum of twelve to Elder Tom. Quorum of twelve to Elder Tom.
Take your four-n-one and put your garments on.
Quorum of twelve to Elder Tom, the Lord is with you my good son.
Say a short prayer and may God's love be with you.

This is Quorum of twelve to Elder Tom
You've really made the grade
And we’re happy that you want to teach and share
Now it's time to leave the MTC if you dare.

This is Elder Tom to Quorum of twelve; I'm stepping through the door.
And I'm traveling in a most peculiar way and the church looks very different today.
For here am I sitting in a tin can, so far from home.
The mission field is true and there’s nothing else to do

Though I've traveled a thousand miles or so
I'm feeling very ill.
And I think my companions know which way to go.
Tell my mom I love her very much. She knows.

Quorum of twelve to Elder Tom, your cell phone’s dead, there's something wrong
Can you hear me, Elder Tom? Can you hear me, Elder Tom? Can you hear me, Elder Tom?
Can you - Here am I traveling in my zone car far beyond my home.
The Gospel here is true and there's nothing else to do.

Have Humor will Travel

Paul said...

Since we are talking about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, I thought I would ask a very important question. I wonder how many of you actually know the answer. At any rate, here is the question:

What are the four points of doctrine for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

The answer comes from Jesus Christ Himself. I'll tell you where to find it later, but His entire gospel comes down to these four simple points.

What's the answer? :-)


Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Sharon in Mississippi said...

If the past were just the past and completely unconnected to the present or the future, then I would probably be one of the first to say that Brother Larson's work made very interesting reading and thank you very much...back to so-called "real life."

But I know better, and so do more and more people who have come to realize that time is a circular, or cyclical phenomenon. The past, present and future are inseparably connected in "one eternal round." (Sound familiar?)

So what happened in the past DOES matter, especially considering the reason for the Restoration in the first place.

Our ancestors worldwide knew something VERY important about cosmology and the history of this planet we call earth which they tried to preserve for posterity. They wrote it down, painted it, carved it in rock, built monuments to it, and did everything in their power but beat us over the head with it, to warn us that the things they saw and the disastrous events they experienced could, and would, happen again.

And what happened? We let the false doctrine of uniformitarianism, first proposed in the 11th century by the Persian geologist Avicenna (Ibn Sina, 980-1037) and popularised by Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology in 1830, lull us into a sense of carnal security and put our minds fast asleep.

The apostasy went far beyond killing the apostles and decapitating the Church. Our collective ancestral memory was decapitated as well. Books were burned. Monuments were defaced and destroyed. Whole populations were wiped out.

Is it any wonder that the Lord deemed it necessary to open the heavens and bring a FULL restoration of the gospel, including the knowledge the ancients had of cosmology, back to earth again?

It's time to wake up, clear the clouds from our minds, and open them to a fresh view of the heavens...before we get swept away by events now happening and shortly to come...all in accordance with prophecy and universal law of which God, and only God, is the author.

Best Regards,
Sharon in Mississippi

Paul said...

<< I truly want to learn, but reading this blog is just confusing me. >> -- Anonymous

The blog is not what is important; it's just a place where people go to share and communicate. After you have read and studied some of Anthony's material, then you can use the blog or email to ask questions to clarify things as necessary.

<< I have read your books, but there is still so much that is not clear to me that I'm sincerely asking questions that I need answers to. >> -- Anonymous

I feel your pain. This is not a simple subject to study. And in light of the incredible indoctrination we get in church on the incorrect interpretation of the scriptures, it is a great work indeed to overcome that flawed Sunday school training and see the scriptures as they were meant to be understood.

<< Still don't understand any more than before. Telling me that these things have meaning in the temple does not help because I still can't find it there. >> -- Anonymous

The problem we have as humans is that we want to understand everything immediately. This has been a huge problem for me, and I still struggle with it. I want to know everything, and I want it now. But I have had to accept the fact that we cannot know everything at once, that we have to learn line upon line, precept upon precept. Why? Because we need time to comprehend or internalize the information. Then, when we are ready, we can get a little more knowledge. And we will repeat this process over and over again, even for all eternity, as we never stop learning.

<< Guess I'm too stupid to understand, so I will drop out of these discussions. Sorry! >> -- Anonymous

Believe me, you are far from stupid. I would recommend taking smaller bites, and possibly slowing down a little in order to give your mind enough time to internalize this information. It took me a long time to get a handle on it and I am still learning. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed and discouraged. Stay the course and consult Anthony Larson or others as necessary.

I want to state again, that due to the indoctrination we get in church with regards to an incorrect interpretation of the scriptures, it is exponentially more difficult for us to overcome that training and see the gospel the way it was meant to be understood.


Paul said...

<< I was in a stake conference a year ago when Elder Bednar said that the leadership of the church has a great many things that they want to share with the general body of the Saints and the Priesthood but they are restrained from doing so by the Spirit because the people, in general, are not doing what has been asked of them yet. He said, "If you want us to preach a different sermon at General Conference, listen and do what we are saying now!" Makes sense to me. I bet it makes sense to you too given a couple of your older posts (Specifically the comments in "It's Not Easy Being Green" post). >> - Tremor

I bet you got goose bumps when the Elder said that. LOL! Imagine your shock when or if they do reveal some new information and they start talking about the Polar Configuration. LOL!

<< Now, about the "what does cosmology have to do with my salvation?" The answer is this: The order of the heavens now, in the past, or in the future will not effect my salvation one iota, or anyone else for that matter, unless they choose to apostatize over it. >> - Tremor

Well, you're partially right. It won't effect your salvation because you're not going to progress in knowledge. The principle of knowledge is the principle of salvation. Hey, that sounds familiar, doesn't it. LOL!

<< That's because Christ and His Atonement is the rock (foundation) of our Salvation. >> - Tremor

Actually, Christ is the Rock, not the atonement.

<< The polar configuration is like a single beautiful room in the temple and its accompanying windows and decor. Even knowing the specific method of catastrophic doom that awaits the wicked at the Second Coming of the Savior is useless if we don't have our lamps filled with faith in Christ. >> - Tremor

You're missing the point, but go ahead and fill those lamps with faith-oil. When the Lord does return, he's going to do game shows.

<< If I'm wicked and I'm destroyed in a hailstorm of fire and rock, or a blazing plasma tornado that reaches to Mars, or drowned in the heaving seas that are forced beyond their bounds by stellar forces, I'm still dead and will not be resurrected until after the millennial reign of Christ with the Earth as His Footstool. >> - Tremor

Yeah, the Lord needs a footstool the size of earth. LOL!

Riddle me this Tremor: What is heavily scarred, red all over, and sits at the top of a great mountain? LOL!


Paul said...

<< The symbols employed by the prophets in writing scripture are more easily understood with a knowledge of the polar configuration of planets and other astronomical events, no doubt about it. However, I believe that caveat is secondary not primary knowledge to the essential Gospel of Christ. >> - Tremor

And that is exactly why you will miss the boat. Because you fail to recognize that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ cannot be understood without a knowledge of symbolism and prophetic language. Hence, it is not secondary, it's primary.


Paul said...

<< "What are the four points of doctrine for the Gospel of Jesus Christ?" Answer: Faith in Christ, Repentance, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, Receiving the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by one with proper Priesthood authority to do so, and the fifth point (not to be forgotten) Endure [in faith in Christ through all possible circumstances that could derail or distract us] to the End! >> - Tremor

Well, the first four were close, as you added some verbage of your own, but you messed up with the fifth point.

The location of this information is 3rd Nephi 11:32-35

But because you added a fifth point, you are declared to be evil. Read 3rd Nephi 11:40.

Anyway, the actual points are as follows:

1) Repent
2) Believe in Christ
3) Be baptized
4) The Father will visit you with fire and with the Holy Ghohst


Paul said...


I challenge you to use Alma's test of faith (Alma 32) to validate the importance of understanding the relationship between cosmology and gospel symbolism. I did, and I know the truth. You can do it too. Your position on these things indicates that you do not understand them. If you did, you would understand how important it is, and you wouldn't be calling it secondary. I wish you the best, I really do, but this is as far as I go with you. You are on your own.


Unknown said...

I thought your response might be something like that. Although you wholly exceeded my worst expectations. Hiding your insecurities and lack of real testimony behind sarcasm and cynical scathing wit won't save you. Casting me aside like I'm beneath you only proves the need of an invitation to you to repent of pride and uncharitably. I already confessed I'm a sinner of the same more or less. You can still join me, friend. It's a good day to admit being wrong since God's hand is not shorten that it cannot save(There is a truth you may not yet understand that is buried in the human heart, not the cosmos: it is that everything we accuse others of being or doing, we are guilty of being or doing ourselves. Re-read your comments to me and take a look in the mirror, my friend. Then turn to God and realize that when the chips are down and we need to repent, the stars and planets are worthless as agents of such a work. The power of salvation resides in Christ alone!) Also, research is not an adequate substitute for revelation from God. Until you've seen the vision from God of the polar configuration or some other electric universe display the ancients saw or heard it from an ordained apostle or received confirmation through the Holy Ghost, all this stuff falls in the realm of "there is truth here i can smell it, but there is error as well and only God can be trusted to lead me safely along!" I accept much of Anthony Larsen's material and hold him in esteem equal to Hugh Nibley and other men of the flesh. Nibley admitted often to constantly learning new and more complete truths without establishing anything he said as the absolute truth. He knew his limitations and the limitations of research inquiry. Anthony can do the same unless he is engaging in priestcrafts, which I seriously doubt! I strive to accept truth wherever I find it. Even here. I try to reject error wherever I find it as well. Even here, friend, even here.

Paul said...


I'm sure you made at least one good point in your post, but I just can't seem to find it. LOL!

It has always rubbed me the wrong way with a complete stranger keeps referring to me as "my friend." It sounds too much like the counterfeit love and friendship coming from a used car salesman who is trying to make a sale.

By the way, did you read 3rd Nephi 11:40? You really shouldn't have added that fifth point. Gack!

I am happy to hear that you accept Anthony's research and continue to study it. That's at least something to your credit.


Paul said...


I wasn't going to address anymore of your misconceptions, but this one kinda stuck out. So I will correct it, even though you will no doubt think I am arrogant to do so. You said, "The power of salvation resides in Christ alone!"

This statement is incorrect. Let me explain. Does a student's ability to get a job reside in his college professor? No. The student must learn from the teacher all he can. Then, when he has gained enough knowledge, he can go out on his own, get a job, and make his own way through life.

Likewise, the power of salvation does not reside in the Lord, but in His gospel and the knowledge we gain from Him. Then, when the time comes, we will be able to work out our own salvation and exaltation here and in the worlds to come. Jesus is not going to be holding our hands, singing sunday school songs, and leading us through the pearly gates. Gack!

Why do you think we are warned NOT to put our trusts in the arm of flesh? Why have we been given ways in which we can determine what is and is not true? The reason is because it is our responsibility to work out our own salvation and exaltation. Nobody else can do this for us -- NOBODY.

You don't have to believe me. Here is what Joseph Smith said about knowledge and salvation:

“A man is saved no faster than he gets knowledge, for if he does not get knowledge, he will be brought into captivity by some evil power in the other world, as evil spirits will have more knowledge, and consequently more power than many men who are on the earth. Hence it needs revelation to assist us, and give us knowledge of the things of God.” – Joseph Smith (HC 4:588)

“It is not wisdom that we should have all knowledge at once presented before us; but that we should have a little at a time; then we can comprehend it…
Add to your faith knowledge, &c. The principle of knowledge is the principle of salvation. This principle can be comprehended by the faithful and diligent; and every one that does not obtain knowledge sufficient to be saved will be condemned. The principle of salvation is given us through the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is nothing more or less than to triumph over all our enemies and put them under our feet. And when we have power to put all enemies under our feet in this world, and a knowledge to triumph over all evil spirits in the world to come, then we are saved... – Joseph Smith (HC 5:387)

“It is impossible for a man to be saved in ignorance.” – Joseph Smith (HC 5:392)

“Knowledge saves a man; and in the world of spirits no man can be exalted but by knowledge.” – Joseph Smith (HC 6:314)

“Knowledge is the power of salvation.” – Joseph Smith (HC 5:403)

Anyway, I have said these things, not so much for Tremor, but for others who might be interested.

The brethern may be constrained by the spirit, as Tremor reported, but I am not. It is my testimony that by reading and studying the great information Anthony Larson has provided us with, that you will learn the keys necessary to grasp gospel symbolism and ancient mythology, and that the mysteries of the gospel will crumble before you allowing you to bask in the light of knowledge and understanding. I have a perfect knowledge of these things because it happened to me. It will happen for anyone who truly seeks.

I wanted to believe, then I planted my seeds of faith; the soil was fertile and the seeds took root. I continued to work my garden, feeding my plants with the waters of faith, which ultimately became trees. The trees produced fruit and it was good. Thus, a desire to believe led to faith. Cultivating my faith led to good fruit. And the good fruit led to knowledge. Hence faith leads to knowledge. Alma's method works.

Good luck to all of you.


Unknown said...

You're wresting the scriptures and the prophets, friend. (I consider you a friend because that is what I would want from you. Natural brotherly love and affection that uplifts even when pointing out errors. So, I offer it if you are courageous enough to accept it.) Since you like Alma so much: The Atonement of Christ is infinite and eternal (Alma 34:10,14). That doesn't sound like an end of my relationship with Christ. Thank goodness. I hope to be one with Him in purpose, mind, work, joy, sorrow, power, creation and whatever other good and noble thing you can image for the whole of our infinite and eternal existence as intelligences clothed in spirit and flesh and bone. You seem to be under the mistaken idea that once you've attained godhood that you're cut loose to run around the universe doing whatever you please. Christ will still have the scars in His hands and feet and side and His pains on your behalf will still be engraved in His heart. Don't misunderstand what Joseph taught about knowledge. The word is in Christ unto salvation (Alma 34:6). It's not in Mars, or Venus, or Saturn. The planetary arrangement was just a symbol itself. Grand scale teaching tools with the functional gift of long life and a prosperous earth (or divine destruction). Symbols of Christ and the plan of salvation from what I can tell of Anthony's reconstruction. And when did the planets become terrifying avengers with thunderbolts that rocked the earth and flooded it with the Great Deluge? When the people rejected Christ and set up an alternative church taking the form of His priesthood and worshiping *surprise, surprise* themselves as (almost) equal in God's knowledge of the heavens thanks to the watchers that wrongfully taught them! But God changed the order of the heavens destroyed the wicked and low and behold we have the solar system as we know it today. Enough of history. You planted the word of Anthony in your heart and it bore fruit you say. I did the same over the past few months of study and realized there is truth mingled with some points of error. Anyone would make the same errors because "to err is human" after all. That doesn't take one iota from the great body of knowledge he has amassed and presented for our benefit. I very much appreciate his efforts and offer sincere thanks to him for it. Alma spoke very specifically about what word he wanted us to plant in our hearts though, primary to any others. The most important truth of all (and its not the polar configuration but Christ as I've been trying to express here). Read for yourself Alma 33:22-23 "Begin to believe in the Son of God, that he will come to redeem his people, and that he shall suffer and die to atone for their sins; and that he shall rise again from the dead, which shall bring to pass the resurrection, that all men shall stand before him, to be judged at the last and judgment day, according to their works.
23 And now, my brethren, I desire that ye shall plant this word in your hearts, and as it beginneth to swell even so nourish it by your faith. And behold, it will become a tree, springing up in you unto everlasting life. And then may God grant unto you that your burdens may be light, through the joy of his Son. And even all this can ye do if ye will. Amen."
Nuff said I suppose. And I wish you the best of luck as well.

Paul said...
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Unknown said...

Paul, the guys name is Trevor, not Tremor, or was that just another of your sarcastic twists? Please do not be so condesending to the rest of us. It only makes you seem more insecure - the placing of yourself so high above us all, even evidently by your own words, above the apostles. Maybe you are brilliant, but that doesn't mean you are the only one who is so.

Paul said...


I posed this riddle to Tremor, but he could not or would not answer. So I will give you a chance at the riddle:

Who is heavily scarred, red all over, and sits at the top of a great mountain?

As for your lovely comments about me, you are right about one thing. I am brilliant, ..., about some things, and not so brilliant about others. It is the same for most people. But no matter how much I learn about gospel symbolism and ancient mythology, I can hardly hold a candle to the flaiming torch of Anthony Larson.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

So many people have been bugging me about this riddle. Nobody seems to know the answer, so I will give you the solultion:

Who is heavily scarred, red all over, and sits at the top of a great mountain?

The answer is Mars. In the polar configuration, Mars and the other planets floated just above the earth in a line between the earth and the north star. All the planets were connected by a plasma pole, an axis if you will, that all the planets rotated on. From a human's perspective on earth, this plasma pole looked like a great mountain, large at the base and smaller as it approached Mars.


Tony said...
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Tony said...
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